News Snapshot: Sneaky Degenerate Art Theft

Sunday 17th November Art, Nazis & a £1 Billion Fraud: Degenerate Profiteering on a Grand Scale When news of a billion pound art theft broke last week the entire world paid attention. As more details come to light the story looks set to run for quite some time...   She is a strange and gurning lady Red cheeks, hair, scarf and lips, There's scarlet plumage on her hat And she's by Otto Dix In a flat in deepest Munich His art and more was found Unearthed by tax inspectors Nearly a billion pounds We hear there were old bean cans Stacked in front of these great works Matisse, Picasso, Mark Chegalls, The media's going berserk These paintings simply vanished Back in the mid war Post 'Degenerate Exhibition' A Nazi spoof which toured This lesson in cultural warfare Saw paintings hung awry With a string of dodgy captions Containing stinking Nazi lies Then this art hit the possession Of Cornelius Gurlitt A man who hid a treasure trove And … [Read more...]

News Snapshot: Spies, Lies & the Zombie Apocalypse

Sunday 10th November Security Chiefs Questioned: Country Under Threat Leaders of spy agencies MI5, MI6 and GCHQ were quizzed by a committee of MPs and peers in Westminster this week about a range of less-than-legal working practices. Some of their reasons for operating outside of the law were quite eye-opening to say the least...   Mr Parker Head of MI5 Was asked to explain away his spies And all the bugging of many folk So in Westminster he stood and spoke... I'm afraid you're all oblivious To the dangers that we face As we protect our race Always on the case Ensuring evil's put back in its place You need to be oblivious Some of the things we see Like Martians in the sky Hunting for brains to fry Would bring the average man down to his knees If you weren't oblivious, you'd die You'd die... Without us fighting back With bare hands and phones we hack The streets would fill with blood You'd die in the flood Look what evil's done It's armed … [Read more...]

News Snapshot: Comment Madness

Saturday 2nd November British Newspapers at War: The Mail 'V' The Guardian This week the boring war between the Guardian and the Daily Mail reached new heights. On Thursday 31st October Richard Littlejohn posted a scathing attack on Guardian food writer Jack Monroe. On Friday 1st November, the blogger published her rebuttal. Nobody came out of the exchange particularly well... and the numerous comments on both articles were equally ridiculous. Fingers start to stutter as they await their cue, Soon right wing mouths will start to foam, whilst the left's will bay and spew. Eyes are scanning twitter for fresh stories to adore, Or castigate and ridicule in this comment section war. The twat-signal blazes brightly over at the Mail, As dear old Richard Littlejohn posts his latest heartfelt wail. He's ripped into a blogger, that foodie one, you know? The Guardian-writing kale-pusher, the sponger - Jack Monroe. Or that's how he described her with his trademark wit, The … [Read more...]

We’ve Sent ’em Back by Stella & the What Ifs?

Stella recently had the misfortune of seeing one of the BNPs promotional parody songs (we won't link it as we wouldn't want to help with their SEO). Appallingly, such videos must do very well with their demographic and for recruiting new members. After she'd been sick in her mouth a little bit, our Stella decided to create an anti-BNP song by taking a look at what would happen if they ever got their way. We think it's rather good. She even made a video to go with it. Future's looking whiter, now they're out the door Darkies' gone, still not won the war We took back this green and pleasant land, but we still have do so much more (And to think they called us all fools) We're nobody's fool and so it angers me This chaos is our strategy We're the elected BNP, voted in so you'd all be free   We've sent 'em back, those ethnic stayers No Vindaloo or Chelsea players No David Haye or beef chow mein, This great county will be just like Queen Vicky's reign We've sent 'em back, this … [Read more...]

Song: Stand by England by Stella & the True Blues

Stella has been commissioned to put together a campaign song for her local Conservative Party... a job's a job we suppose, but we preferred it when she was working for evil pharmaceutical companies. Sometimes you'd love to leave this Island Living costs have just got out of hand Fresh food's pricey Future's dicey So you must now live on all things canned Its damper, duller; there's places warmer There's no chance in hell that you'll stay tanned And though you earn less 'Cos we're in a mess You must still stand behind England Love your England Downturns hurt your MPs too We need your tax to pull through You can trust us totally   Trust your England, We're all in this together We will desert you never Trust your England Stand by England The Queen and all us Tories Keep giving all the cash you can Stand by England … [Read more...]

Song: P45 by Stella & the UB40s

Our favourite singer, Stella, has been branching out. She's just sent us her first ever protest song and it's a belter. It's all about unemployment and Government cuts. Watch out Billy Bragg... Stella's coming. Tumble outta bed, I'm already in the kitchen, Fleas in my bedsit got my face itchin, Scratchin', bleedin', can't believe my life. Unemployed six months, So I had to downgrade. All the banks foreclose, When you aint getting paid, And all you've got to show's a P-45. My P-45, After 20 years of service, My P-45, And I swear I don't deserve this. My P-45, Now I'm counting on the Tories, I'm sure they can't be as bad as all the stories. Benefits, Have now got all my focus. You would think that this, Is a fairly simple process. Now I need some help, But the council just won't give it, My one room pit costs too much for their budget. Government job, Not too much tension, Government cuts, Took away my pension. And now they're gonna take my hovel … [Read more...]

The Big IF: Hyde Park – Our First Activist Rally

Kathryn and Nick attend their first rally in Hyde Park on 8th June - it wasn't like the books, news reports or videos... It was a glorious sunny day as we joined the 45,000 people (according to most media reports), congregating in London's Hyde Park to demand that world leaders take action against global hunger at the G8. Last weekend's gathering wasn't as flashy as 1985s Live Aid, or as far reaching as the Live 8 events of 2005, but the aims were similar and comparisons have inevitably been made. However, unlike its predecessors, there was no career making bluster from the likes of 'uncle' Bob. This gathering was a grass roots affair, albeit with some very impressive supporters. The IF coalition consists of numerous charities including Save the Children, Oxfam, Unicef and Christian Aid. … [Read more...]

Song: P.R.I.V.A.C.Y by Stella & the D.E.L.E.T.E.R.S

Stella, our go to singer, has just unleashed another protest song. This time she's demanding the return of her data footprint... and she's not doing it quietly (please don't delist us). My Facebook page is six years old and knows all about me It's been my friend through thick and thin, I'm sure we'd both agree I share things like L.O.V.E and what's for my T.E.A But I realise now I've said too much It's time to call it a day My P.R.I.V.A.C.Y is important today Me and my D.A.T.A will be going away I love my friends and all their P.I.Cs, uploaded on the fly, But Facebook, I'm taking back my P.R.I.V.A.C.Y I'll be lost at Christmas time And on my next birthday Now that D.E.L.E.T.E is swiftly underway You monetized all our details And most people cannot tell So Zuckerberg and his smug face Can rot away in hell My P.R.IV.A.C.Y is important today Me and my D.A.T.A will be going away A ten year data footprint is enough to make me C.R.Y And now I must delete it for … [Read more...]

Song: Banks Ruined Everything by Stella & the Bank Bashers

Stella's repertoire is certainly expanding, our favourite singer has just recorded a new advertising campaign for a PPI claim company. Banks, Banks ruined everything, Hung the country, Out to dry. Banks, Banks ruined everything, Their insurance, Was a lie.   Banks mis-sold you PPI, Let us help, Return your money.   Yes, banks, Banks ruined everything, Now they tremble, At our name, Bank Fighters PLC, Will help you, Make a claim. … [Read more...]

Song: Hips Don’t Work by Stella & the Grandmas

Stella's career may be picking up... but her latest role for a hip replacement campaign isn't exactly what she had in mind. People who are in here tonight No fighting, no fighting We got the joint doctor up in here No fighting, no fighting New hips yea, new hips yea I never really knew that I walk walk like this It makes me feel life's a mouldy swizz, Como un cojo (si), horrible (si), cadiras (si, new hips yea new hips yea), cadiras New hips yea, New hips yea I'm crazy when you walk like that It makes a person go mad So be nice and please do Swap out the hips in my body And I'm cross tonight You know my hips don't work And its starting to irk me now All the shuffling, high tension The time has come for attention … [Read more...]