Political Diaries: All My Loving Says Boris Johnson Shoooooo!

Boris and a Routemaster by Matt Brown 274 x 280

The Outlandish World of Greg Goode Part IV

I’m in the Agora waiting my turn,
The sun’s bearing down and it’s starting to burn,
I cast my vote straight into an urn:
Chucking him out is the way that he’ll learn!

The summit of the Acropolis seems like it is level with the endless blue sky. The heat is so strong it feels as if my skin might decide to simply fizzle up into flame any second. The whole Agora is fit to bursting as I push my way through the worst of the crowds outside the rope barrier of the voting area. There are thousands of us, both inside the cordon and beyond – all swarming like bees – and here for one reason alone: to choose who will be thrown out of the city.

I have scratched my name on a broken piece of pottery and handed it in. I have cast my vote to decide who will be evicted… and as I mop my sweaty brow and survey the summit of this great, noble Athens, a grin erupts across my face. I’m beaming so hard my cheeks are starting to ache. Now, against my will, my feet are starting to tap…

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Expert Chocolatiers: Easily (Always) Distracted by Beer

Back Of Ben & Bill's (Falmouth, MA) by takomabibelot 674 x 281

The window display in Phillip Neal’s chocolate shop on Turnham Green Terrace is so monstrously exciting that we can hardly resist stopping to admire the Easter eggs. There’s always such a fantastic display and these are just an added bonus in amongst the fun chocolate shoes, bizarre gold Buddhas and all the other bits and bobs that make up the shop’s usual wares.

“Have you ever tried that ‘raw chocolate pie’ stuff?” Kathryn asks suddenly, after we’ve salivated for a minute or two.

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New Single: Spamming to the Tune of Bob Marley’s Jammin’


Not all spam is bad… some of it is so brilliant it even deserves a song. Click here to read our mission statement, find out what we're talking about... and hear the full song. Slices of Spam:     Spamming is available on … [Continue reading]

Political Diaries: Anarchy in the UK?

The Strand (Jackie L Chan) - feat

The Outlandish World of Greg Goode – Pt 3 They chanted for freedom, I didn’t know why, Whirling around me their placards raised high. I only stepped out for a walk in the sun, When half-baked rebellion squashed all my fun. “Death to the fat … [Continue reading]

A Musical: Morrissey & the Courtroom Menagerie

Ray rabbit 300 x 225

Morrissey stands in the dock accused of a heinous list of offences ranging from necromancy to crimes against planet Earth. The prosecution is led by Princess Mary-Beth Gigglenot, whilst a troop of bunny rabbits make up his defence. What really … [Continue reading]

Historical News: Cooking with Fascists

Cooking with Fascists Feat Img- theps.net

After seeing Nick Griffin branching out into Fanny Craddock territory… we couldn’t help be struck by what a great job he did. All the bases were covered for his demographic: homely practical advice, good old fashioned platitudes and casual racism. … [Continue reading]

Political Diaries: The Liberal Sub-Conservatives

Southwark Bridge 300 x 225

The Outlandish World of Greg Goode – Pt 2 He spoke of the future and who they oppose Of battling all evil, defeating vile foes He pledged up their 'Freedom' to raucous applause And Partisans gave themselves to his epic cause Then as he paid … [Continue reading]

Song: Oozing Brie – by Stella & the Fromagers

Cheese 300 x 225 (Francis Storr)

This month our favourite singer, Stella, booked her yearly cheese constitutional in France. She goes for the Reblochon – fresh, seeping and stinking; the Saint-Maure de Touraine – clean and flavoursome, with a gum-tingling rind… and of course the … [Continue reading]

Political Diaries: Pilgrimage for Truth

South Bank 300 x 225

The Outlandish World of Greg Goode - Pt 1 I'm a capitalist, yank, damn baby boomer Labelled in the past as a zealot consumer But I will not pray in a church made of greed It's more like-minded people of which I have need Partisans, comrades, … [Continue reading]

Jamie Oliver: Lovely ‘Grub’ at Union Jacks in Chiswick

Grub new 300 x 225

Sunday lunch at Jamie Oliver's Union Jacks restaurant in Chiswick is lovely... except for what appears to be a cooked grub in one of the roast potatoes. We just hope the poor thing enjoyed a fulfilling free-range lifestyle before Ray ate him. … [Continue reading]