Morrissey, ‘List of the Lost’: That Joke Isn’t Funny?

Penguin Books have so much to answer for… We are absolutely horrified by Morrissey’s new novel, ‘List of the Lost’. All the reviews are true – read this excellent rinse by Michael Hann in the Guardian – he is spot on. The book may only be 118 pages, but reading it feels like a horrible, long, draining penance. So, why on earth did he write it? Really, there are only two options. One; this is just another way to trot out his standard Morrissey themes – this means, on some level at least, he must see the text as non-abysmal. Two; it is just a great big joke – an ‘art piece’ – Dismaland the novel. So, what is the likelihood Morrissey is laughing? … [Read more...]