100-Word Fiction: Cuddling Panda Babies

(Pandas) Andrew and Annemarie via Flickr 674

They were giant, fat bundles of soft-toy-fluff and all Sarah wanted to do was cuddle them. The trouble was, the panda babies were in China somewhere – on a breeding program – and Sarah was stuck in the accounts office in Macclesfield.

“They’d nip you,” said her daughter, concerned over the phone, that evening.

The next day, back in the workplace, Sarah tried to hone in on her spreadsheets. Only now the columns were ladder rungs, and half a dozen nearly-extinct baby pandas were clambering up from that bottom line. She found it hard not to focus on their big, blunt cuddle-paws.

First published on Searchlight Magazine Arts…


  1. I wanted to read more about the pandas. The are very cuddly & sweet.

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