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  1. Adrian Fromm says:

    Stella voix fabuleuse! Une qualité pure et de l’argent.

    • Kathryn & Nick says:

      Thanks Adrian,

      Yes, she sure has.

      We remember you from our other website.

      Welcome to the new one.

  2. I enjoy your light- hearted way of looking at our world. Give us more of it.
    You might like to click on submissions 2012 where in 2nd place you could read “The First Non-Smoking Pub” somewhere in your part of the world.
    There are some quirky entries , one you would like from Richard Farington called “The Thin Red Line”- 2012, in row Other.
    I’ll have to follow you cos there may come a submission from Kathryn or Nick or both.
    Best wishes go your way, Fay

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