About Us

Kathryn Cave and Nick Madden are a London based writing team who met in 2007 whilst working as copywriters. In 2014 they launched the new online arts section for anti-fascist publication, Searchlight: Searchlight Magazine Arts.

This personal website contains a range of co-written fun songs, fictional articles, op-ed and other nonsense, which tackle some of the things we feel strongly about. It also includes more information on our 2008/2009 fictional blog novel, Rebellion. This was serialised in real-time over six months, and charted the comic misfortunes of our comic anti-hero, Greg Goode.

In our professional lives we work as editors for large organisations and whilst this site showcases journalistic as well as fictional writing, all viewpoints are our own.


Kathryn grew up in Lampeter, West Wales, and has a degree in Classics from Warwick University. A big fan of libraries and art galleries, her favourite author is Somerset Maugham… and she loves classical music, theatre and the Pre-Raphaelites. Unfortunately, all this highbrow stuff is a bit of a downer, because popular culture (except for 90s Neighbours, Brit Pop and Abba) gets a shamingly blank stare.


Nick grew up in Stafford, in the Midlands, and has a degree in Journalism from Falmouth. A geek and a zealot when it comes to film, music and cinema, Nick also feels very strongly about good literature. Unfortunately, he is also prone to boring the pants off people regarding the complete works of Kris Kristofferson (he shook his hand and called him ‘the man’ once)… and why seeing Alice in Chains without Layne is great, but just not the same.