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Friday 26th June 2015
Tabloid Bingo

Skyline Party by Jes via Flikr (300) We sifted through the papers for something to lampoon
But this week was rather serious
Lots of doom and gloom
So with a deadline looming and nothing good to write
We played our favourite tabloid game, of bingo… it’s alright. Continue Reading…



Saturday 14th December

Brave Little Turkey Pleads: “Can You Stop the Carvery?”

Comedy turkey (Hammer51012) 300 x 225

Somewhere in Norfolk a brave little turkey managed to smuggle out a recording detailing exactly what she wants for Christmas. We don’t know if this plucky old bird made it out with her tape… but wherever she is, we salute her courage. Lyrics here…


Monday 9th December
Baby Boomers: Living the High Life, Causing Maximum Seethe… and Loving It

50s party (NinaZed) 300 x 225


Record numbers of Baby Boomers are being hospitalized for recreational drug use, whilst a growing percentage are pootling off on ‘adult gap years’. As the Baby Boomers get to act like teenagers again, many people are at last coming to terms with the fact that their twilight years will be slightly less easy going… and they know just who to blame. Lyrics here…

Sunday 1st December

Bob Dylan, His Spot Welder & a Pit Full of Iron Ore: The Railing Man

Bob Dylan 300 x 225

On 18th November Bob Dylan opened an exhibition of his iron gates entitled Mood Swings. This came as a surprise to many, but not to those who knew all about the singer’s early days and the industrial heartland from which he hails. Lyrics here…


Sunday 17th November
Art, Nazis & a £1 Billion Fraud: The Sneaky Degenerate Theft

Otto dix 300 x225


When news of a billion pound art theft broke last week, the entire world paid attention. As more details come to light, the story looks set to run for quite some time. Lyrics here…


Sunday 10th November

Security Chiefs Face Parliament: Spies, Lies & the Zombie Apocalypse 

Martin Krolikowski (radio) 300 x 225


Leaders of spy agencies MI5, MI6 and GCHQ were quizzed by a committee of MPs and peers in Westminster this week about a range of less-than-legal working practices. Some of their reasons for operating outside of the law were quite eye-opening to say the least. Lyrics here…


Saturday 2nd November
British Newspapers at War: The Mail ‘V’ The Guardian

Martin Krolikowski (radio) 300 x 225


This week the boring war between the Guardian and the Daily Mail reached new heights. On Thursday 31st October Richard Littlejohn posted a scathing attack on Guardian food writer Jack Monroe. On Friday 1st November, the blogger published her rebuttal. Nobody came out of the exchange particularly well… and the numerous comments on both articles were equally ridiculous. Lyrics here…


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