News Snapshot: Boomers Stole Your Retirement

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Monday 9th December
Baby Boomers: Living the High Life, Causing Maximum Seethe… and Loving It

Record numbers of Baby Boomers are being hospitalized for recreational drug use, whilst a growing percentage are pootling off on ‘adult gap years’. As the Baby Boomers get to act like teenagers again, many people are at last coming to terms with the fact that their twilight years will not be quite as easy going… and they know just who’s to blame.



We are the Baby Boomers, we spent all the cash
Does our free uni damn annoy you?
Will our five houses soon destroy you?
Would you like debt and no future?
No chance to build a stash?
Whilst we take trips your times are lean
We’re the richest folks you’ve ever seen
And ‘cos we rinsed the country clean
We neatly fueled a crash.

We are the Baby Boomers – spent it all on crap
Now well paid care staff wipe our botties
They’ll eat our funds, prolong your poverty
How we did this is no secret
Life fell in our laps
At right wing shifts we’re more than keen
It helps us with our Scrooge routine
And how we rinsed this country clean
Is enough to earn a slap


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