100-Word Fiction: Flight Check

Geraint Rowland via Flickr 674

The new equipment had arrived. This time Harry was certain of success. Normally he would have filmed the unboxing for his YouTube channel, but he was far too excited for that.

“Power: 98%.”

“Camera: secure; infrared on; record activated.”

“Monitor: picture and sound, affirmative.”

“Flaps: working.”

“Rotors: activated.”

“Go for flight…”

Gingerly, the young pilot edged to the open window and carefully released the drone. Taking the controls with both hands he dodged the craft hard left through the darkness, around the side of his building, and sent it soaring five floors up…

“Damn,” he spat, “her curtains are shut.”

First published on Searchlight Magazine Arts…


  1. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would come next.

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