News Snapshot: Sneaky Degenerate Art Theft

Otto Dix 674 x 280

Sunday 17th November
Art, Nazis & a £1 Billion Fraud: Degenerate Profiteering on a Grand Scale

When news of a billion pound art theft broke last week the entire world paid attention. As more details come to light the story looks set to run for quite some time…



She is a strange and gurning lady
Red cheeks, hair, scarf and lips,
There’s scarlet plumage on her hat
And she’s by Otto Dix

In a flat in deepest Munich
His art and more was found
Unearthed by tax inspectors
Nearly a billion pounds

We hear there were old bean cans
Stacked in front of these great works
Matisse, Picasso, Mark Chegalls,
The media’s going berserk

These paintings simply vanished
Back in the mid war
Post ‘Degenerate Exhibition’
A Nazi spoof which toured

This lesson in cultural warfare
Saw paintings hung awry
With a string of dodgy captions
Containing stinking Nazi lies

Then this art hit the possession
Of Cornelius Gurlitt
A man who hid a treasure trove
And lived like a hermit

He’d got it from his father
A sneaky profiteer
Who died back in the 50s
When his car failed to steer

Now the son’s had his comeuppance too
When his stash was seized last year
Angela Merkel hoards it now
And it’s safe from the auctioneer

He told the press with some gusto
That the works were all his!
“Dad loved the art and fought for it”
This is a mouldy swizz

Last week the Kornfield Gallery
Which flogged without a backwards glance
Declared: “This was no Nazi crime,
Merely untaxed inheritance.”

How nice for the descendants
Of those who died or fled abroad
There is no need to claim your art
You’re not victims of fraud

Thankfully for the rightful owners
The Germans are on the case
Now they’ve been forced to reveal their stash
They need to save some face

So they’ve listed up the paintings
On a website called Lost Art
Ten million chancers logged on at once
The server fell apart

So the art fans grabbed their telephones
And all made the same demands
“Errrr Do you still have that Picasso?
It was my great great aunts”


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