News Snapshot: Spies, Lies & the Zombie Apocalypse

Martin Krolikowski (radio) 674 x 280

Sunday 10th November
Security Chiefs Questioned: Country Under Threat

Leaders of spy agencies MI5, MI6 and GCHQ were quizzed by a committee of MPs and peers in Westminster this week about a range of less-than-legal working practices. Some of their reasons for operating outside of the law were quite eye-opening to say the least…



Mr Parker Head of MI5
Was asked to explain away his spies
And all the bugging of many folk
So in Westminster he stood and spoke…

I’m afraid you’re all oblivious
To the dangers that we face
As we protect our race
Always on the case
Ensuring evil’s put back in its place

You need to be oblivious
Some of the things we see
Like Martians in the sky
Hunting for brains to fry
Would bring the average man down to his knees

If you weren’t oblivious, you’d die
You’d die…

Without us fighting back
With bare hands and phones we hack
The streets would fill with blood
You’d die in the flood
Look what evil’s done
It’s armed great white sharks with machine guns
Look what evil’s done
Sent a pack of poodles with ricin bombs
Look up! There’s brimstone fire
England is a funeral pyre
Faceless Nazi zombies are now rising from the dead

That’s why you need us, you need us
You need to be oblivious
Or you’ll die, die, and be dead


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