News Snapshot: Comment Madness

Martin Krolikowski (radio) 674 x 280

Saturday 2nd November
British Newspapers at War: The Mail ‘V’ The Guardian

This week the boring war between the Guardian and the Daily Mail reached new heights. On Thursday 31st October Richard Littlejohn posted a scathing attack on Guardian food writer Jack Monroe. On Friday 1st November, the blogger published her rebuttal. Nobody came out of the exchange particularly well… and the numerous comments on both articles were equally ridiculous.


Fingers start to stutter as they await their cue,
Soon right wing mouths will start to foam, whilst the left’s will bay and spew.
Eyes are scanning twitter for fresh stories to adore,
Or castigate and ridicule in this comment section war.

The twat-signal blazes brightly over at the Mail,
As dear old Richard Littlejohn posts his latest heartfelt wail.
He’s ripped into a blogger, that foodie one, you know?
The Guardian-writing kale-pusher, the sponger – Jack Monroe.

Or that’s how he described her with his trademark wit,
The comments piled up instantly and the section filled with shit.
Insults roared and parried, great compliments rang out,
And bigwigs at the paper rejoiced in all the shouty-shout.

Another shot from Dacre strikes the leftie bow,
This war with the Guardian’s getting really tiresome now.
Wind-up merchants on both sides throwing out abuse,
And as they all line up to fight… they forget to do the news.

The comments pause and flounder, the clicks they peter out,
A calm descends to replace the din of all the shouty-shout,
‘Till rebuttal from Monroe, published with a lefty roar,
Sets anxious fingers twitching on the hate-cycle once more.


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