100-Word Fiction: Cuddling Panda Babies

They were giant, fat bundles of soft-toy-fluff and all Sarah wanted to do was cuddle them. The trouble was, the panda babies were in China somewhere – on a breeding program – and Sarah was stuck in the accounts office in Macclesfield. “They’d nip … [Continue reading]

100-Word Fiction: Flight Check

The new equipment had arrived. This time Harry was certain of success. Normally he would have filmed the unboxing for his YouTube channel, but he was far too excited for that. "Power: 98%." "Camera: secure; infrared on; record … [Continue reading]

Michelle Thomas: Tinder, Click-Bait & Stupid Fake Journalism

Nobody appears to care about fact checking anymore. We live in a world of appalling click-bait rubbish and now obvious nonsense is getting picked up by the UK nationals and run with all the way to Australia… Hey, sorry darling, been stupidly busy … [Continue reading]

Tabloid Bingo or: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the News

We sifted through the papers for something to lampoon But this week was rather serious Lots of doom and gloom So with a deadline looming and nothing good to write We played our favourite tabloid game, of bingo… it’s alright A spot of … [Continue reading]

Viewpoint: The Voice of Luke Concannon

The band Nizlopi may be best known for its hit single, JCB Song [YouTube video], but the duo behind the group, John Parker and Luke Concannon, are a serious musical outfit, influenced by poetry, trip hop, folk and an eclectic range of other styles. … [Continue reading]

Down to Margate – Anti UKIP Music Video (feat. Stella)

  On the 28th of February 2015 hundreds of people from all over Britain descended on UKIPs Spring Margate Conference to let them know that their viewpoints were repugnant. So obviously... we had to make a music video. First Published on … [Continue reading]

The Nether: Opening Night at the Duke of York Theatre

“Did you ever fuck an elf?” asks Sims, successfully snapping the audience back into gallows humour mode and drawing titters of delight from across the darkened room… At first glance, you wouldn’t think that a play centred around a digitally … [Continue reading]

The Ordinary British Women Who Stand Up to UKIP

Searchlight Magazine Arts has long been impressed by the tenacity of Women Against UKIP.  This is by far and away the most active group on social media and its Facebook community has soared since it launched last April, with current “likes” standing … [Continue reading]

Brum Documentary from Kathryn & Nick

When we set out to make this documentary in the spring of 2014, we had a pretty good idea how it was going to go. But by the time we finished in autumn, it had turned into something completely different. Instead of making a thought provoking piece on … [Continue reading]

The Christmas Party That’s Never Won

Episode 5:   Song: What a Show It's a mighty fine Christmas shindig And it's packed with party bigwigs The message the Leader bellows: "Give more dough, give more dough, give more dough" And there's lots of festive sniping At the … [Continue reading]