We’ve Sent ’em Back by Stella & the What Ifs?

Stella recently had the misfortune of seeing one of the BNPs promotional parody songs (we won’t link it as we wouldn’t want to help with their SEO). Appallingly, such videos must do very well with their demographic and for recruiting new members. After she’d been sick in her mouth a little bit, our Stella decided to create an anti-BNP song by taking a look at what would happen if they ever got their way. We think it’s rather good. She even made a video to go with it.

Future’s looking whiter, now they’re out the door
Darkies’ gone, still not won the war
We took back this green and pleasant land, but we still have do so much more
(And to think they called us all fools)
We’re nobody’s fool and so it angers me
This chaos is our strategy
We’re the elected BNP, voted in so you’d all be free
We’ve sent ’em back, those ethnic stayers
No Vindaloo or Chelsea players
No David Haye or beef chow mein,
This great county will be just like Queen Vicky’s reign
We’ve sent ’em back, this islands empty
We own this place, there’s jobs aplenty
And it’s now Anglo-Saxon time
So roll up your sleeves there’s no time to whine:
London’s feeling empty and it doesn’t run
No-one at my tube station
I’m waiting hours at the bus stop and no transport ever comes
(Stop moaning, they had to go)
Yes it was brownies who oiled the NHS
Hospitals are in a mess
Doctors and nurses are deported, but you shouldn’t trust us any less
Abandoned corner shops, no minicabs
An opportunity up for grabs
We need new teachers, soldiers, postmen,
Laywers, council workers and firemen
Places are uncleaned, the rubbish piled high
“These are our jobs!” is our battle cry
White sewage men under British sky
We’ll save this land, together we’re strong
And above all else, the white man marches on!
We’ve sent ’em back, yellow, black and brown
Kicked their smelly ways out of our towns
Gone – Trevor McDonald, Oona King,
Kelly Holmes, David Pit – what did they bring?
We don’t need them, we have brains and hands
Dissent ends here, there’s too much to do
So fall into line or we’re coming for you


  1. I found this extremely enjoyable.

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