Song: Stand by England by Stella & the True Blues

Kristian Dela Cour (Stella) 674 x 280


Stella has been commissioned to put together a campaign song for her local Conservative Party… a job’s a job we suppose, but we preferred it when she was working for evil pharmaceutical companies.

Sometimes you’d love to leave this Island
Living costs have just got out of hand
Fresh food’s pricey
Future’s dicey
So you must now live on all things canned
Its damper, duller; there’s places warmer
There’s no chance in hell that you’ll stay tanned
And though you earn less
‘Cos we’re in a mess
You must still stand behind England

Love your England
Downturns hurt your MPs too
We need your tax to pull through
You can trust us totally
Trust your England,
We’re all in this together
We will desert you never
Trust your England

Stand by England
The Queen and all us Tories
Keep giving all the cash you can
Stand by England


  1. Doodlebug says:

    Stella is fab ! We want more……….

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