Greg Goode’s Political Diaries: The Rise of the Bee

The Outlandish World of Greg Goode Part VIX Rising plucky from our seats before the gathered throng We addressed the noble 56 who governed true and strong Mike articulated gamely, his speech was just sublime The Leader of the Council barked, “Now … [Continue reading]

Christmas Song: “Can You Stop the Carvery?”

Brave Little Turkey Launches Heartfelt Christmas Appeal Somewhere in Norfolk a brave little turkey managed to smuggle out a recording detailing exactly what she wants for Christmas. We don’t know if this plucky old bird made it out with her tape… … [Continue reading]

Greg Goode’s Political Diaries: My Epic Quest

The Outlandish World of Greg Goode Part VIII With inspired fervour I cast out my net And snared a great horde of potentials to vet The journey that followed was completely unplanned And it feels like I’ve travelled every road in this land I … [Continue reading]

The Party That’s Never Won: Hang ’em High

Episode 2 “The problem with our mainstream image,” began Harry Ra’Basche, pacing the floor of the United Liberation Party’s communications room, whilst casting a casually inconspicuous glance into Sam's low-cut blue dress, “is that every time we … [Continue reading]

Greg Goode’s Political Diaries: Tramping the Halls of Westminster

The Outlandish World of Greg Goode Part VII “Ed,” sang the high pitched female voice emerging briskly from the second set of security gates which separated the public from the tree-lined interior of Portcullis House. “Anyone for Ed… Miliband?” she … [Continue reading]

The Party That’s Never Won: Episode I – We Need a Manifesto

It’s been ten weeks since the first wave of victory flooded through the converted North London town house. It was from here that the triumphant ‘pint swilling gatecrasher at the Westminster toga party!’ speeches were written; and the emails demanding … [Continue reading]

Swarms of Bugs in Chelsea: Unrivalled Art Critics Since 2014

The room is long and white with a glass panelled ceiling that lets light flood down into the space. Inside there is a bizarre stillness though, because up all four walls in concentrated clusters, are swarms of giant bugs. “It is a bit odd,” says … [Continue reading]

Greg Goode’s Political Diaries: Is it all Just a Little Bit of History Repeating?

The Outlandish World of Greg Goode Part VI There’s dancing and chanting and donkeys on skates Strange flaming robes and young girls spinning plates An odd little boy with a bright red balloon And a pack of wild dogs howling up at the … [Continue reading]

Greg Goode’s Political Diaries: Rev J W Simpson vs Fab Farage

The Outlandish World of Greg Goode Part V I’ve been reading manifestos, looking to find a cause Elections are looming, though I don’t have a vote Still I haven’t seemed to find a voice that echoes with my own But I know we need integrity … not … [Continue reading]

Fab Farage: A UKIP Odyssey (Integrity… with Slightly Racist Notes)

(Featuring Stella)   A comedy song about UKIP - an unbelievable parody of a political party. The fact that this gaggle of racist chuckleheads have so much passionate support in this country makes us all do a little sick in our collective … [Continue reading]