Fab Farage: A UKIP Odyssey (Integrity… with Slightly Racist Notes)

(Featuring Stella)


A comedy song about UKIP – an unbelievable parody of a political party. The fact that this gaggle of racist chuckleheads have so much passionate support in this country makes us all do a little sick in our collective mouths. Vocals by Stella, words by Kathryn and Nick.



  1. Zareen Cave says:

    Just listened to the song after editing the notes on the decline of the Roman Empire & the efforts of Emperor Diocletian to keep the Empire afloat. A form of light refreshment. Maybe Nigel Farage is someone made from a similar Mould to the Emperor Diocletian? Just a strange thought that struck me.

    All the best to you all of you


  2. This is brilliant, this song is exactly what I was looking for. It empowered me to once again valiantly attempt to stick a toothbrush moustache on one of my town’s many UKIP billboards, please excuse me while I find a longer bean pole…

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