The Big IF: Hyde Park – Our First Activist Rally

Kathryn and Nick attend their first rally in Hyde Park on 8th June - it wasn't like the books, news reports or videos... It was a glorious sunny day as we joined the 45,000 people (according to most media reports), congregating in London's Hyde Park to demand that world leaders take action against global hunger at the G8. Last weekend's gathering wasn't as flashy as 1985s Live Aid, or as far reaching as the Live 8 events of 2005, but the aims were similar and comparisons have inevitably been made. However, unlike its predecessors, there was no career making bluster from the likes of 'uncle' Bob. This gathering was a grass roots affair, albeit with some very impressive supporters. The IF coalition consists of numerous charities including Save the Children, Oxfam, Unicef and Christian Aid. … [Read more...]

Morrissey: Were We Stalking Him on His Birthday?

When it comes to music, there's not a lot that Kathryn & Nick can agree on without reservation. Nick has an obscure eclectic taste covering pretty much everything (think the full spectrum of 6 Music, then take it a stage further); whilst Kathryn mainly likes classical, being particularly fond of string pieces, especially Bach. Over the years Kathryn has been subjected to a range of concerts she didn't want to attend - and still hasn't stopped complaining about having Frank Turner inflicted on her in Brixton back in 2010. However, one thing we can always agree on is Morrissey and The Smiths... … [Read more...]