Morrissey: Were We Stalking Him on His Birthday?

Moz 674 x 280

When it comes to music, there’s not a lot that Kathryn & Nick can agree on without reservation. Nick has an obscure eclectic taste covering pretty much everything (think the full spectrum of 6 Music, then take it a stage further); whilst Kathryn mainly likes classical, being particularly fond of string pieces, especially Bach. Over the years Kathryn has been subjected to a range of concerts she didn’t want to attend – and still hasn’t stopped complaining about having Frank Turner inflicted on her in Brixton back in 2010. However, one thing we can always agree on is Morrissey and The Smiths…

Which is why on the 22nd of May we were stunned to see the man himself, standing in a crowd of people outside Hammersmith Broadway tube filming a beatboxer. Now, I know what you’re thinking: He lives in LA, he’s recently had to cancel an entire tour through illness – and 11 days before this he was rubbing shoulders with Mel Gibson and Tom Jones in west Hollywood.

Moz 300 x 225 (close smiling)We’re not discounting the possibility of a doppleganger… and if either of us had the nerve to pounce (like we normally would do) we’d know for sure. Instead we skulked on the edges of the crowd, taking photos like a couple of teenagers and trying to work out if this was how Morrissey spent all his birthdays?

He looked like he was having a lovely time, smiling at small dogs, little children and their parents, whilst enthusiastically filming a busker with the rest of the crowd. After debating it for a few minutes, we decided that it was far better to slink off not knowing for sure. We neither wanted to ruin a golden birthday moment… or hear a posh home counties accent utter: “Afraid not folks… I get this all the time though.”


  1. No, that’s not Morrissey. He was at the SkyBar in West Hollywood on his birthday, along with his bandmates, according to several Twitter posts.

  2. Morrissey in a leather jacket? Meat is Murder ring any bells?

  3. steve milne says:

    doppelganger methinks. The leather jacket is a giveaway!

  4. That sure doesn’t look like Morrissey. I don’t think he’d be caught dead wearing a leather jacket…

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